Instant Transfer Via Maybank

Instant Transfer Via Maybank

Instant Transfer Transfer funds or make payment to credit card & loans between accounts maintained with MEPS member bank via ATMs Daily transfer / payment limit: RM30,000 (Shared limit with Interbank Giro (IBG) Service Fee: RM0.53 (Service fee: RM0.50 + GST: RM0.03) Service Availability: 6am-12am daily 24 hours at selected locations*. The maximum instant transfer […]

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Full Description

Service Availability:
6am-12am daily
24 hours at selected locations*.

The maximum instant transfer limit from 12.30am-4.30am is RM1,000 only.


Examples of Daily Instant Transfer Limit Performed by Customer
Time Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Instant Transfer Amount from
12:30am to 4:30am
RM1,000* Transferred No Instant Transfer Performed
Transfer Limit from
4:31am to 11:59pm
RM30,000 – RM1,000 = RM29,000 RM30,000


The maximum instant transfer limit form 12.30am-4.30am is RM1,000
RM30,000 is a shared transfer limit between Instant Transfer Service (IBFT) & Interbank Giro (IBG) Transfer Service



  • Immediate fund transfer / credit card & loans payment to recipient
  • Available at more than 2,700 Maybank ATMs
  • Choose your daily transfer limit to a maximum of RM30,000 per day (default transfer limit is RM1,000 per day)
  • Service is available from 12.30am to 11.59am daily

Participating MEPS Member Banks

Instant Transfer Step by Step Process Flow via ATMs

  1. Insert ATM Card
  2. Select Language
  3. Enter PIN
  4. Choose “Other Transaction”
  5. Choose “Transfer”
  6. Select “Instant Transfer”
  7. Confirm acceptance on bank charges. Press “Continue” to proceed
  8. Message is displayed on the screen “Name will be revealed if requested by the recipient”. Select “YES” to continue
  9. Enter amount to be transferred and select “YES” to confirm
  10. Select “Beneficiary Bank Code” and select “YES” to confirm
  11. Enter “Beneficiary Bank Code” and select “YES” to confirm
  12. Please select the account to be debited (Applicable for customers who has more than 1 account)
  13. Transaction Details are displayed. Select “YES” if the details are correct
  14. Transaction accepted message will be displayed
  15. Select “YES” to continue with other transaction or “NO” to end the transaction

Important Notice
Before completing the transaction, customers are to ensure the beneficiary account number keyed in is correct

How to perform transfer

There are 3 ways to carry out Fund Transfer and Payment to Credit Cards & Loans via Instant Transfer:

  1. Between your bank accounts (both accounts maintained at your own bank) via another bank’s ATM.
  2. From your account to the recipient’s account via their bank’s ATM
  3. From your account to the recipient’s account via your bank’s ATM


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