STEAM JET CAR SPA-Pusat Cuci Kereta, Alamanda Putrajaya
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STEAM JET CAR SPA-Pusat Cuci Kereta, Alamanda Putrajaya

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Steam Jet Car Spa® is truly revolutionary, innovative and eco-friendly. It uses only 2 litres of water to wash a car as compared to 200 litres with high pressure water jet. It is safe and gentle enough to be used for cleaning on all car surfaces and finishes including car paintwork, interior and car engine.

Full Description

Steam Jet Car Spa® uses a combination of heat and pressure to powerfully and quickly removes dirt, bird droppings, oil and stains on your car body, sport rims without the need for hard rubbing or scrubbing. Steam cleans without leaving any streak or water mark on the car body. It keeps you car in beautiful shining condition.

Steam Jet Car Spa® not only cleans the car interiors, but it also disinfects by killing any germs and mites hiding in the aircon and ventilation ducts that causes bad odour hence safeguarding the health of your family and children. Steam is also highly effective in cleaning away stubborn stains on fabric seats, carpets and mats.


– Body Wash
– Rim Wash
– Tire Shine
– Vinyl/Rubber Detailing
– Clay treatment
– Waxing
– Polishing
– Sealant

– Vacuum
– Steam Seats/Mats
– Steam Dashboard
– Steam Flushing of Ducts
– Leather/Fabric Care

– Steam Clean Engine
– Clean Engine Compartment

One Time Packages
– Quick Steam (Steam wash)
– Regular Steam (Wash & Quick Wax)
– Deluxe Steam (Interior Package)
– Superior Steam (Exterior Package)
– Ultimate Steam (Del & Sup Combo)



Quick Steam (Steam Wash & Interior Vacuuming – Approx 30 Mins)

1.   Exterior body steam washing

2.   Boot drain cleaning

3.   Door panel cleaning

4.   Interior & boot vacuuming

5.   Dashboard wiping

6.   Windscreen & windows cleaning

7.   Chemical rims washing

8.   Tires shining


Regular Steam (Steam Wash & Quick Waxing – Approx 45 Mins)

1.   All 8 items in Quick Steam Package

2.   Air-con flushing & deodorizing

3.   Bio Magic Germ Raider Treatment

4.   Quick Waxing (Spray Wax)


Deluxe Steam (Interior Grooming Package – Approx 1 hour)

1.     Interior & boot vacuuming

2.     Air-con flushing & deodorizing

3.     Dashboard, seats, carpets & mats steaming

4.     Leather/Fabric washing

5.     Leather (protect & shine)

6.     Dashboard & door panels shine

7.     Windscreen and windows cleaning

8.     Bio Magic Germ Raider Treatment


Superior Steam (Exterior Package – Clay, Polish & Wax – Approx 1.5 Hours)

1.     Exterior body steam washing

2.     Comprehensive clay treatment

3.     Polish to remove scratches/swirl/water marks

4.     Comprehensive waxing

5.     Interior, boot & bonnet vacuuming

6.     Door panels cleaning

7.     Boot drain cleaning

8.     Chemical rims wash

9.     Shine tire

10.Windows de-staining


Ultimate Steam (Comprehensive Grooming Package – Approx 2.5 Hours)

Deluxe & Superior Steam Combo

(Complete Interior + Exterior Package)


Adhoc Services

1.     Shine Booster wash

2.     Dashboard, leather seats & door panels shine

3.     Clay treatment

4.     Cushion washing

5.     Waxing

6.     Sealant Application

7.     Engine cleaning




Alamanda Shopping Mall
North Block Carpark P2
Putrajaya, Malaysia
Open Daily: 11.00am – 9.00pm

Hp: +6019-2198862

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STEAM JET CAR SPA-Pusat Cuci Kereta, Alamanda Putrajaya, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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