C.N.G. Filling Station and CNG Compressor parts

C.N.G. Filling Station and CNG Compressor parts

Cng Compressor and CAT engine parts

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Alfalah Filling & Cng Station, part of Polani group of companies is located in karachi pakistan. We offer a wide variety of CNG compressor and CAT engine parts.
We are mainly dealing in IMW CNG Compressor parts and CAT engine parts like Couplings, Temperature Guages,
Starting Motor Repair Kit, Spark Plugs, V-Belts, Pressure Guages, Air Starter (Ingersoll Rand), Ignition System (Altronic) etc. which are imported from renowned companies around the world.
In addition we also dealing in used/secondhand CNG compressors.
Alfalah Filling & Cng Station is dealing in Cng Compressor and CAT engine parts like IMW compressor parts, Spark plug, oil filters, pressure guages, Temperature Guage, Starting Motor Repair Kit, Wika Pressure Guages, Staubli Dispenser Coupling, Alfalah cng, CAT Spark plug, Champion Spark plug, Wika pressure guages, Wika Temperature guages, Murphy pressure guages, Murphy Temperature guages, T4 Insert Orange Coupling, T5 Insert Orange Coupling, Temperature Guage of Stages , Starting Motor Pinion , Starting Motor Rotor, V-Belt for IMW Compressor, Altronic Coil for CAT, Discharge and Dispencer Filters, NRV & Slonoid Valve Kit, Coupling Housing T4 with Bolt Kit, Throttle Valve Kohler, CNG PARTS. 

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