YAMAHA MUSIC SCHOOL-Sekolah Muzik, Alamanda Putrajaya

YAMAHA MUSIC SCHOOL-Sekolah Muzik, Alamanda Putrajaya

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Yamaha Company Profile

Since 1887, when it began producing reed organs, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan (then Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.) has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and other computer related products, sporting goods, home appliances and furniture, specialty metals, machine tools, and industrial robots.

Yamaha now owns 94 subsidiaries and representative offices in overseas markets in addition to numerous related companies in Japan.

Additionally, Yamaha owns and runs its unique resort facilities throughout Japan so as to enhance our customers’ leisure and cultural activities. Also, Yamaha provides a place for studying music, sets opportunities for presenting one’s own compositions, and creates an environment for the enjoyment of a variety of musical endeavors.

Since Yamaha Music Foundation was established in 1966, it has generated a wide range of music activities throughout global society, including Yamaha music schools, and the Junior Original Concert. Strong commitment to promote and support music education and popularization is one of the most significant elements to distinguish Yamaha from its competitors.

Yamaha has endeavored to produce products and services that satisfy the diverse needs and desires of people worldwide. Its products and services are recognized the world over for superior quality in acoustics, design, technology, craftsmanship, and customer oriented services. These products and services under the brand name of Yamaha are highly regarded by a large number of professionals, institutions, business people within the related industries, and consumers.

Our corporate philosophies are embedded in our customer oriented management and operations; providing excellence in our products and services; continuous efforts to expand our existing market and create new markets; enhancement of research and development on a long range perspective; commitment to care for end users through providing even better service after sale; pursuit of further globalization of Yamaha’s business; fostering positive growth through diversification.

Yamaha’s very basic corporate objective is reflected in everything that it does, which is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of lives for people around the world.

Yamaha Music Education System Course

Music Wonderland

for 3 to 3 years 11 months old

Yamaha’s Music Wonderland is specially designed to make your child’s initial encounter with music education fun and enjoyable. The course combines the dynamism of music with physical and mental activities to stimulate their musical senses and prepare them for the varieties of music education ahead.

This enjoyable 1 year programme exposes your little one to:

  • Fun with singing
  • Fun with keyboards & listening
  • Rhythm training
  • Music appreciation
Course Objectives

To foster interest and enthusiasm in music while feeling the fun of music by listening, singing and touching (trying to “play”) the keyboard.

And since the classes are held in groups with parental participation, ” music time” becomes a great time to bond with your child and for your child to romp and interact with other 3 year olds.

Junior Music Course

for 4 to 5 years 11 months old

Course length : 2 years
This course aims at further developing the musical senses and skills of the young musician.

From the age of 4, your child’s sense of hearing, finger muscles and vocal cords develop most rapidly. Now your child is ready for the Junior Music Course (JMC)

JMC, the entry- level course to Yamaha’s 11-year Junior Music Programme, is specially designed to: emphasize ear-training and develop your child’s innate sense of music, create a stimulating environment for children to sing and play simple tunes, encourage kids to express themselves musically.

Course Objectives
To develop fundamental musical ability by learning to sing with do-re-mi and with lyrics, and to play on keyboard instruments. Emphasis is placed on listening because aural ability develops fastest in this period.

Like Music Wonderland, JMC offers group education and parental participation – the most ideal style of learning for young children. Your child cultivates a sprit of co-operation, harmony and a sense of discipline, while enjoying a musical experiences with friends

Teenagers & Adults Program

for 9 years olds and above

Do you yearn to be able to perform the music you love? Or make music a part of your life and career? It’s not too late for you to make these dreams come true. At Yamaha Music School, our music education system helps develop healthier, more enriching lifestyles while providing internationally recognised qualifications – an investment that always pays off.

Whether it is the Electone, Guitar or Piano, we have enjoyable and effective courses specially designed for teenagers and adults. Sign up for the New Electone Study Course (NESC). Yamaha Guitar Course (YGC) or the Yamaha Popular Music Course (YPMC) today and start realising your cherished dreams!

New Electone Study Course (NESC)

The Electone Organ – popularly know as a ‘ one man orchestra’ – is an amazing musical instrument that makes music come alive with its true-to-life instrument voices (such as the Piano, Flute, Trumpet, Violin) a whole lot of acoustic and electronic sounds, together with Rhythmic and Accompaniment styles from Jazz, Rock and more.

This course fulfills your desire to learn to play musical pieces and provides a proper foundation in music education. Students are taught a whole spectrum of skills from reading ability, playing techniques, rhythm and music appreciation, ensemble playing, chord work to arranging skills. Added emphasis is placed on the elements of repertoire and improvisation. With the Electone’s great versatility there’s much that students can look forward to in terms of Performance, Improvisation, Arrangement and Composition – in a fun, creative and enjoyable manner!

Yamaha Guitar Course (YGC)

Strumming a guitar and singing adds color and enjoyment to life – as well as guarantees you a spotlight in social get-togethers! Learn to play the guitar in an easy, enjoyable and effective way in this progressively graded course. Apart from acquiring guitar playing techniques, the course cultivates note-reading and ensemble-playing skills.

It begins with an Introduction to Guitar with simple strumming & singing of popular songs. Students than move on to picking up fundamental skills like Basic Plucking Techniques, Rhythm Accompaniment and Melody Play before advancing into a classical course and arrangement techniques. Some techniques in Spanish flamenco is also included together with some popular solos to further spur students’ interest. The progress of YGC leads to very high standards in performance whereby students are encouraged to perform in concerts, guitar camps and compete in yearly festivals.

Yamaha Piano Course (YPC)

for 6 years old and above

Comprehensive Music Curriculum

The Curriculum has all the elements of a holistic and comprehensive music education in developing students’ musical sensitivity and providing a strong musical ability and piano performance skill from introductory to advanced level.

Conductive Learning Environment

We design our curriculum in individual format to ensure that you will get all the preparation needed for your musical development.

Complements International Exam Boards

The purpose of YPC is to provide a comprehensive music lesson based on Yamaha Music Education System. Choice and type of examination are optional and at the discretion of teacher and student.

Student Concerts

All YPC students have opportunities to participate in student concerts organized by Yamaha Music. Sharing the joy of music is an important element in music learning.

Fun & Effective For All Ages

Curriculum content from YPC textbooks makes it easier for students to understand and enjoy their lessons. Children, and even adults will learn to enjoy the colourful book in conjunction with a fun learning system that is suitable for all.

Qualified Music Teachers

YPC Teachers have at least the minimum music qualification. In addition, Yamaha teachers also attend regular Continuous Professional Development programmes and seminars to further enhance their skills on pedagogical and technical subjects.

Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Shd Bhd

Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Shd Bhd Head Quarter Address:

No. 8 Jalan Perbandaran, Kelana Jaya 47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor

Tel: 03-78030900

Fax: 03-78030611

Operation: 9am-6pm on Mon-Fri (excl. public holiday)



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